What’s the difference between Premium, Platinum and Titanium?

Premium - Our Premium tier is designed to deliver foundational wealth management across all aspects of your finances. If you have relatively straightforward finances, but want to start building your wealth the right way, Premium is a great place to start. Premium does not include tax projections, or estate document creation.

Platinum - The Platinum Tier at Range is designed for Members who have more complex finances to manage. And by more complicated, we mean more tax implications. As you add income streams, new investments and expenses, need to file taxes in multiple states, your taxes become more complex. Tax projections and scenario planning is included in this tier. We will also handle estate document creation should you need it as a Platinum Member.

Titanium - If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know Titanium is right for you. Your taxes are very complex, you have multiple income streams of multiple types coming in from multiple states and countries, and are probably paying hefty fees to multiple partners to help you mange them. With the Range Titanium Membership, you get everything in Platinum, but we’ll handle tax situations that are more complex—i.e. you over 5 K1’s, taxes in over 3 states, and/or have international tax situations to deal with.

If you’re unclear which tier is right for you, talk to our Membership team.

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