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Maximize your money with 0% AUM1 and earn 5.1% APY2 on your cash.

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“We love that Range has a team of experts working on your finances, versus just one traditional advisor.”
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“Range has 100% met my expectations and surpassed them. Now that I’ve been using the platform, I don’t know if I could live without it.”
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"The presentation and organization of my data on the site is good. Easy to read. Easy to digest. It’s remarkable...My confidence in my finances has really improved."
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The AI Difference

AI is already here. You'd need a billion superhumans to process all the financial data out there. And it changes all day. Every day. It's why you need fast, relevant guidance from Range advisors who stay current using our proprietary AI. This is the future of financial services.

Make your money work smarter
Range members are provided with a comprehensive personalized wealth management plan, and the ability to ask questions 24/7.
Access real-time financial data, AI, and certified financial planners to make informed decisions about your money.
Tax Planning
Save money on taxes and free up capital for investments. Get expert and detailed tax plans and projections to help avoid overpayment with our Platinum and Titanium plans.
Estate Planning
Ensure your life’s earnings are preserved and beneficiaries enjoy frictionless asset transfer, distributed as intended.
Smarter Retirement Plans
Our AI-powered platform curates hundreds of retirement options tailored to your unique needs.
Insurance Optimization
We’ll assess your unique risks and financial obligations to help optimize your personal insurance coverage.
Range advisors provide insights and up-to-date information on how to save on pre- and post-tax income for education.
Cash Flow
Range Cash Flow lets you see exactly how money comes in, when and where it's spent,  and how unspent funds could be better directed to grow wealth.
How much are you paying to have your money managed? It could be a lot less.
If you’re working with a traditional advisor or brokerage, there’s a good chance you’re paying an Assets Under Mangement fee (AUM)—which could be up to 1% of your assets. It can add up over time—big time. As a true fiduciary, Range offers 0% AUM1 for our members.
Much More
Get more involved in reaching your financial goals and avoid excessive advisory fees. Schedule a call with a Range team member today.
Are your cash reserves earning like they should? Now they can.
If you’re holding cash for an emergency fund, or any short-term liquidity needs, make sure your money is making money. Right now you can earn 5.1% APY on your money with Range. That’s 11x the national average2!
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Privacy, Security & Compliance
We check all the boxes. Full stop.
Data Privacy
Your privacy is our priority. We'll never sell your data.
Information Security
We use the same security measures as big banks to keep your information safe.
Data Encryption
Your data is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption protocol.
Industry-Leading Investors
The investors backing us are industry-leading venture capital firms and individual tech veterans who offer guidance based on their past successes.
Trusted Partners
We integrate with industry-leading partners like Plaid, MX, and Array to communicate with financial institutions.
Read-only Access
Our financial partners (see above), provide read-only access to Range, so no one can ever transact in your actual accounts. However, we do have customers that explicitly hire us to manage their investments.
We're regulated by the SEC
As a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) we are legally required to advise in our member's best interests.
Registration does not imply a certain level of skill or training or that the SEC has endorsed the company.
They meet the highest standard of excellence in their profession and adhere to ethical guidelines.
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All-In-One Wealth Management

Investment Mangement, Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Planning