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“We love that Range has a team of experts working on your finances, versus just one traditional advisor.”

As we were advancing in our careers and starting a family, we realized that we had more and more questions about our finances. We weren’t sure if we were approaching our taxes in the best way, and we had questions about insurance and setting up a trust.

We had spoken to a financial advisor, and had someone filing our taxes, but we were really looking for a solution where we could get all of our questions addressed in one place..

We love that Range feels like a family office—there’s a team of advisors working on your finances. The ability to message back and forth with the team has been wonderful. The advice is thorough and thoughtful. So far we’ve received our tax optimization plan, and advice on our insurance and estate documents. The tax strategy alone has been worth the price of membership.

We’re starting to look at our financial goals for next year—namely looking into investment properties, and we’re excited to work with the Range team on figuring out how we should proceed, structure that portion of our income, and model out what that all means for us financially.