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“Range has 100% met my expectations and surpassed them. Now that I’ve been using the platform, I don’t know if I could live without it.”

My husband and I realized we had a lot of questions about our finances. It’s sort of taboo to talk to your friends, so we were really looking for a new solution. It seems like traditional advisors only want to talk to people who already have a lot of money, and robo-advisors left something to be desired, so we started doing our homework.

There were a lot of options out there, but after speaking to Range, we liked what they had to say—it seemed like they had what we were looking for and the pricing was up-front and transparent. So we gave it a try.

Since then, we’ve been loving it. We’ve gotten a lot of really solid advice and I always feel more confident after our conversations with Mark or any of their advisors. It’s been like having a guardian angel on my shoulder.

The advice has already saved us a lot of money. We’ve looked at rebalancing our retirement plan, diversifying our investments, and paid down some debt we might not have otherwise. We moved some money under Range management for 0% AUM. And they walked through some projections to help us understand some of our different tax filing options.

Overall, Range has 100% has met our expectations and surpassed them. It has been more helpful than I anticipated—we thought we would try it for a year, now I don’t think I could live without it.