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“The interactive financial plan has been great. Everything is right there and I can track my progress.”

I had never really received professional financial advice. It was after we finished doing some work on the house that I figured it was time for us to really look at our finances and start thinking about the future. I started doing some things on my own, tracking in spreadsheets, etc. But it was a lot of work.

We met with a few local advisors, but after seeing Range, were really interested in trying something a little more tech-forward and holistic.

To be honest, we were a little nervous about what the experience would be like. But I have to say, so far it has exceeded my expectations. The team has been super responsive, the advice is always thoughtful and thorough, and we’ve been working through different areas of our financial plan one step at a time. The way the plan is delivered, as an interactive checklist makes it really clear what we have to do.

Since joining, I really feel like I have a better handle on our finances. I’m on the platform almost daily tracking my budget and asking questions. The ability to asynchronously message the advisor team—and get a thoughtful answer back, sometimes within an hour, has been really great. It’s exactly the type of support I was hoping for when I signed up, and I don’t think we’d be getting the same level of service from a traditional advisor.

Like I said, we’ve made a lot of progress so far. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Range moving forward. There’s a lot to do, but I feel like I have the right partner to get it done.