Insurance Services

Get coverage tailored to your needs, and the future.

Make the right decisions now so that you and your loved ones are properly protected from life’s unexpected events. Working alongside our planning team, you’ll see how you’re doing today. Get the advice you need to effectively manage risks to your financial plan.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

Example Recommendations

Insurance Recommendation Example

Obtain a 20-year term life insurance policy

Since Michelle would need to replace 50% of Mike’s income for 10 years as well as final expenses, we recommend that Mike obtain a 20-year term life insurance policy. Term insurance fulfills the income replacement need at the lowest cost. Range partners with PolicyGenius to help our members obtain life insurance because they are an insurance broker, not an insurance provider.

Insurance Recommendation Example

Obtain Umbrella insurance

You currently do not have any umbrella insurance coverage. With a net worth over $1M, we recommend obtaining a $2M policy. This will protect you from liabilities that your current homeowner’s or auto insurance won’t cover. You can purchase this through your current home or auto insurance provider.

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