Cash Flow

Your money keeps moving. Keep up. Keep more.

Reveal hidden insights in the way your money flows, especially relative to your financial goals. Work with Range to understand how your money comes in, where it's going and how slight modifications could free up funds to do more for you and yours.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

Example Recommendations

Cash Flow Example

Increase contributions to your employer's 401(k) match program

A married couple in a major metro area both work outside the home and are paying a lot for day care. They should both strive to obtain the maximum match of 3% from their employers' 401(k) program. Once the children are older and in school, they should consider raising their 401(k) contributions to 10% of salary to ensure they get on track to meet their retirement goals.

Cash Flow Example

Consolidate credit card debt, and seek a lower-rate bank loan

Credit card debt has grown out of control for a NYC couple trying to save more. They should consider consolidating all credit card debt using a personal loan. Most banks offer loan rates far lower than the average credit card. They should also use any bonuses or windfalls to pay off the bank loan, ASAP. This will reduce monthly payments, save on total interest paid and create a viable plan to eliminate debt.

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