Estate Services

End-to-end planning to ensure your legacy thrives.

The goal is to ensure your assets are transferred efficiently and according to your wishes. Working alongside our planning team and your estate attorney, we’ll help you create a plan to leave the legacy you imagined.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

How does it work?

Our financial advisors will:

  • Evaluate existing estate plan documents
  • Review current beneficiary designations and account titling
  • Prepare and present any proposed changes (i.e. changing account titling, updating beneficiary designations, establishing a living trust, etc.)
  • Facilitate the drafting of basic estate documents (*included in Platinum membership tier)
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How often will this be updated?

Our team will complete a full review of your estate planning strategy when you get started with us and help you proactively monitor along the way. However, if there is a significant change to your financial situation, please reach out and we’re happy to adjust your plan accordingly.

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Key planning features

Your Range financial planners have access to a full suite of industry-leading estate planning tools to complement the estate planning process. Once we capture the data needed for your specific situation, we will populate your profile with some of the key features highlighted below. That way you can access critical details of your estate plan without having to comb through your multi-page comprehensive financial plan or your estate documents.

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Example Recommendations

Estate Recommendation Example

Establish Donor-Advised Fund

You shared that you’re passionate about eradicating food insecurity among children and you currently give to various organizations in support of that. We recommend establishing and funding a donor-advised fund because it allows you the opportunity to group your gifting in a way that is more tax efficient and will allow you to continue to give even after your passing. You can establish an account with Schwab Charitable or Fidelity Charitable because they both offer no minimum initial contribution and the same annual administrative fee.

Estate Recommendation Example

Complete Estate Plan Documents

A complete estate plan includes a will, Power of Attorney, and Advanced Healthcare Directive (Living Will and Healthcare Power of Attorney), at minimum. Right now, you have a will in place. The remaining documents will grant authority to your partner to make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf in the event of an incapacity. Our financial planning team will assist in getting the documents drafted. However, if you prefer, you can work with an estate attorney in your area.

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