Retirement Services

Build the ultimate passive income machine.

Make the right decisions now so that you can retire on your schedule and as you'd like. Working with you, we’ll review the trajectory of your current plans and consider options to accelerate wealth and your retirement schedule. The end goal is to confidently know that your plan is both viable and on track.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

Example Recommendations

Retirement Recommendation Example

Increase retirement plan contributions to 8%

You’re currently contributing 5% of your gross income towards your employer’s retirement plan. By increasing your contributions to 8%, you could improve your likelihood of a fully funded retirement from 70% to 89%. Depending on your HR department, this may take a full pay cycle before the change is reflected, so we recommend you complete this a quickly as possible to begin taking advantage of the tax deferred growth.

Retirement Recommendation Example

Max out your HSA contributions ($7,750 for 2023)

Since you plan to retire prior to age 65, you will need to obtain private health insurance. Contributing now to an HSA will allow you to take distributions for insurance premiums, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses on a tax-free basis instead of funding from either a taxable or retirement account. Increase your contributions to $298 per pay period since you are paid bi-weekly.

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