Retirement Services

Build the ultimate passive income machine.

Make the right decisions now so that you can reach the retirement you want on your schedule. Working alongside our planning team, you’ll see how you’re currently doing when it comes to your retirement plans. Get the advice you need to confidently know your plan is on track.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

How does it work?

Our financial advisors will:

  • Complete an income needs analysis (i.e. how much you’ll need to fund your retirement lifestyle)
  • Review your current retirement savings and contributions
  • Stress test your plan based on your specific concerns (i.e. a down market, outliving your savings, a major health event, etc.)
  • Project the likelihood of success for your current plan
  • Review your distribution strategy (*for members who are 2 years or less from retirement)
  • Prepare and present any proposed changes (i.e. changing your contributions, consolidating old retirement plans, reviewing potential tradeoffs, etc.)
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How often will this be updated?

Our team will complete a full review of your retirement planning strategy when you get started with us and help you proactively monitor along the way. However, if there is a significant change to your financial situation, please reach out and we’re happy to adjust your plan accordingly.

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Key planning features

Your Range financial planners have access to a full suite of industry-leading analysis tools to determine if you’re on track for retirement. Once we capture the data needed for your specific situation, we will populate your account files with some of the key features. That way you can access critical details of your retirement plan without having to comb through a multi-page comprehensive financial plan.

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Example Recommendations

Retirement Recommendation Example

Increase retirement plan contributions to 8%

You’re currently contributing 5% of your gross income towards your employer’s retirement plan. By increasing your contributions to 8%, you could improve your likelihood of a fully funded retirement from 70% to 89%. Depending on your HR department, this may take a full pay cycle before the change is reflected, so we recommend you complete this a quickly as possible to begin taking advantage of the tax deferred growth.

Retirement Recommendation Example

Max out your HSA contributions ($7,750 for 2023)

Since you plan to retire prior to age 65, you will need to obtain private health insurance. Contributing now to an HSA will allow you to take distributions for insurance premiums, co-pays, and other out-of-pocket expenses on a tax-free basis instead of funding from either a taxable or retirement account. Increase your contributions to $298 per pay period since you are paid bi-weekly.

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