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What is the value of your start-up equity?

One of the most exciting—and confusing—things about working at a start-up is the opportunity to earn equity compensation. With stock options like Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Restricted Stock Awards (RSAs), Incentive Stock Options (ISOs) and all sorts of other factors contributing to your equity package—how much is it really worth? Explore the projected value of equity packages using this calculator.

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Your equity package could be life-changing.

While our calculator is meant to give you a general idea of what your equity compensation could be worth, the truth is that these things are a lot more complicated and warrant more attention than it can provide. Not all advisors are equipped to competently handle equity comp conversations—and these could have serious tax implications, so it’s important to be proactive in planning.

Qualified Equity Compensation Associates.

Range has qualified advisors ready to handle any upcoming equity events or questions you may have. We can help you understand how much to buy, sell, and execute—and when to do so—in order to maximize cash in your pocket, minimize tax impact, and reduce your investment risk.

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If you have a potential liquidity event upcoming, work for a company ready to IPO, are thinking of executing your ISOs, or selling your own company, it’s important to speak to an advisor ASAP. These situations can have huge implications on your taxes and our team is here to help.

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