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Welcome to the next era of wealth creation.

Our focus is to help Range members achieve their financial goals by recommending investment strategies specific to their unique situation. Working alongside our planning team, we’ll help you understand where you are invested and why, without complicated jargon.

Reach your potential

Activate your custom investment strategy with a team of experts to help you execute it.


Work with our team of Financial Planners for ongoing support, portfolio analysis and investment recommendations.

Portfolio Analysis

We'll review your current portfolios to make sure they are suitable for your situation.

Investment Recommendations

Are you a DIY investor? Our team can help design your portfolio, but you'll handle the implementation.

Ongoing support

Whether you have questions about your retirement account or crypto—our advisors will provide unbiased advice and education.


New! 0.00% annual fee for assets under management fees*

Let us do the heavy lifting and manage your assets for you. Full-service investment management crafted by our team and customized to achieve your goals.

We are a team of fiduciary advisors

We’re not a robo-advisor and never earn a commission. Instead, we select, trade, monitor and rebalance a portfolio that reflects your unique needs, not ours.

We believe in trust and transparency

We invest according to your risk preferences and ensure you clearly understand your portfolio and its associated risks.

* 0.00% annual management fee for all active Range members

In addition to no investment minimums, we waived the annual management fee for  Range members. Schedule a call with a Range team member to learn more.

Personalized financial planning solutions for a fraction of the cost that traditional CFPs charge

Example Recommendations

Investment Recommendation Example

Purchase I-Bonds

I-bonds are government-backed savings bonds that adjust with the rate of inflation. Since you already have a substantial cash runway and no consumer debt, we recommend investing your $10,000 in excess savings into I-bonds given the current elevated interest rate (6.89%). You can set up an account at no cost here: Keep in mind, redemptions cannot be made within the first 12 months and you’ll be penalized three months of interest for any redemptions made prior to 5 years.

Investment Recommendation Example

Change your investment mix

Since your taxable brokerage account is currently in a loss position (cost basis > portfolio value) this is an opportune time to reallocate your portfolio without triggering capital gains taxes. We recommend selling ABC mutual fund and XYZ mutual and buying 60% Stock Market ETF and 40% Bond Market ETF. This change will increase your portfolio diversification and reduce investment costs.

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