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Phil and Jen


Engineering Manager & Physician Assistant / Director of Clinical Education


North Carolina

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“The advice has been incredible. Any time we send a question, the response has been quick, thoughtful and thorough.”

We had been working with a financial advisor for years—the same one my dad had used. He got us set up with an IRA and some retirement accounts, but beyond that we weren’t getting any guidance. We’d hear from him once a year, and even though we pushed to get advice in some other areas, we just weren’t really getting it.

That’s how we ended up at Range. We’re just at the beginning of our careers and financial journey. So while getting set up for retirement is important, there are a ton of other things we’re planning for and need to figure out.

So far the service has been as advertised. We’ve worked through some different aspects of our financial plan—most importantly we had been considering buying a new house. We assumed we’d have to sell our house to do it, but after meeting with Range advisors who modeled out different scenarios, we realized we have a lot more flexibility than we thought.

Overall, the team has been good to work with. Whenever we send a question or need advice, they’ve gotten back to us within 24-hours. And not to ask for more time, but with a thoughtful response to the question. We never got that from our old advisor.

For what we’re getting, Range has been a great value. It really is the all-encompassing financial planning platform we were hoping it would be.