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“Working with Range has been an incredibly positive experience. I now have a much better understanding of our financial situation and plan.”

As the CFO of our family, I have a pretty solid handle on our finances. I felt like we were doing all the right things—we have good income, we’ve invested in real estate, and even opened our own side business. But we’re planning to retire early and we have two kids, so I felt like we needed a more specific plan.

After almost a year as a Member, I can say that the experience has been great. The advisors give just the right amount of data and advice, and I can ask a question 24/7 through the platform, which has been really valuable (and flexible).

I’ve also been really happy with the way the platform breaks down our financial plans for different topics. The plans we receive are concise, and very digestible. And there’s an evolving to-do list on the platform, 
so I always know what we need to do when I log in.

The Range team has already helped us with a number of financial questions and situations. When I got my yearly bonus, we already had a plan on how we would apply. We worked through our education planning and I was pretty shocked to see how much we need to save for each kid. And we’ve had a bunch of questions related to our rental property and side business, all of which Range has helped us understand the pros and cons of, so we can make informed decisions.

Overall, working with Range has been really positive. We were just hoping we were headed in the right direction before, even though we were doing a lot of the right things—now we know with a lot more certainty that we’re making good decisions, and we have a working plan to achieve our goals.