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“The advice has been solid. I had what I thought was a pretty simple question, but instead of giving me the answer I expected, they looked at my whole financial situation and presented a surprisingly strategic, thoughtful approach. This probably saved me thousands of dollars.”

At some point in the last few years, I found myself feeling more financially stable. I was starting to invest more of my income and I went with the brokerage my dad had used his whole life.

After awhile, I started asking some questions. What did my advisor do, what was I invested in, and how much was this actually costing me? 
I couldn’t really get a clear answer, so I decided I could take on managing my portfolio myself. Which I did. For awhile. Then I had kids, the market went upside down and I realized I didn’t have the bandwidth to manage things on my own.

That’s when I became a Range Member. So far, I’m really pleased with the experience. Seeing all my finances in one place, updating in real time has been valuable. But the best part has been access to the team of advisors. Any time I have a question, big or small, I can message them. They always give thoughtful answers. And I never feel like any question is too trivial.

Even better, I was planning to pay off my debt. The advisor took a look at my whole financial situation and showed me an alternate approach, which involved selling some stock at a loss and using that money to pay off the debt. This also resulted in a reduction of my tax burden that year—something I hadn’t really thought of!

Overall Range has been a great option for my family. We have all of the digital tools and access to forward thinking certified financial planners. All for one clear, flat Membership fee. The peace of mind and confidence of the experience has been worth every penny.