What will my financial plan look like?

We’re a tech platform. So we won’t be sending you a 40-page document to print out and put in a file cabinet and collect dust. Your plan will be personal, actionable and evolving.

For starters, you’ll receive a concise written recommendation. Based on that, the Range platform will have a series of steps for you to take in order to make your plan a reality. Each plan comes with custom, unique and specific actions outlined. As you complete these steps, check them off the list. This way, you and your advisor will be on the same page about where you’re at in the process.

Rather than throw everything at you at once, your financial plan is sequenced out according to your personal situation and priorities. We start with the opportunity with the greatest urgency or potential for impact. And we continue working with you until you’ve reached your peak financial position.

You can find more information on the plan delivery in this pdf.

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