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The advice has been great, and the way the plans are delivered allows me to quickly see all of my action items in one place.

After working with a more traditional advisor, I found that the performance was not really what I was hoping for. I wasn’t seeing much growth, and they were taking a percentage as a fee, regardless of if I was making or losing money. After deciding to self manage my own money, things got a little more complicated and I started looking for professional help again.

I was initially drawn to Range because of the up-front, flat-fee model. It was clear they weren’t after my portfolio, because there was no requirement for Range to actually manage my money. I could keep everything where it was, and just work with Range on building a solid plan.

The onboarding was pretty seamless, and since I started using the platform, the advice has been solid. We’ve been working through different aspects of my finances, and the plans for each have been pretty detailed. Plus, the way the platform delivers the plans keeps me honest. Every time I log in, I can see what tasks I need to complete—which keeps it top of mind and makes it feel more achievable.

Now that I’ve been working with Range, the advice has all been solid. We’ve built enough trust that I’m going to have the team manage my money—plus, they offer 0% AUM, which doesn’t hurt. Now I’m truly starting to consolidate my wealth management in one place.”