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“We were looking for something that had more to offer than a traditional advisory firm. Range delivers an all-in-one experience.”

We had been working with a traditional advisory firm for a number of years. As with most advisors, we were paying a typical asset under management fee and we didn’t really feel like we were getting value equal to what we were paying. At the same time, I was managing my own portfolio and outperforming the one being managed by the advisor. So the 1% AUM just didn’t seem worth the return.

We started looking around and finding 0% AUM was a priority for us. We were also looking for a tech-forward solution. The complexity of our financial situation was also growing; we have some RSU and equity questions, more complicated tax situations and we wanted to start exploring private investments as a way to diversify from public markets.

Range really answered all of that. So far the advisors have been really responsive and easy to work with. They’ve helped us look at our retirement plan and get caught up there, adjust our portfolio, and improve our insurance planning. It’s all been pretty seamless. Working through the portal makes it easy to interact and we’re working through all areas of our wealth management, step-by-step.

In addition, because the whole process is built and delivered through the platform, everything we need to do is right in front of us—so I feel like we have a better understanding of what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. We feel more confident in our long-term plan, and confident that if we have questions, the team at Range is there to help.