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Manan and Reka


Corporate Executives


New York

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“We’ve been impressed at how responsive the team is. They follow up quickly and have had good attention to detail when it comes to our financial plan.”

When we became Range members, we were initially looking for something to help with education planning, exploring our RSU compensation options, and tax planning.

Fahad, the CEO was actually on the first demonstration call we had, which was a nice touch. We could tell he was really committed to helping families get a better handle on their finances.

We looked at a lot of different companies and what drew us to Range was the combination of the platform that allowed us to do our own legwork on our finances, and having financial advisors to help us when we got stuck or who could identify something new we didn’t know or think about. We really appreciate being able to have what feels like the best of both worlds.

We’ve found a number of benefits to using the platform. Having everything all in one place is really helpful - and led to an unexpected benefit: we were able to have a much bigger picture approach to our conversations about our finances offline, making us both feel more confident in our approach and decisions.

Of course, tax optimization was a huge concern, so we were thrilled when in the first year of working with us, the team was able to deliver significant tax savings. Felt like a big win for us.

Overall, we’re really happy with Range. The team is super responsive, has quick follow-up, and good attention to detail when it comes to our financial plan. Finally having all of our finances organized in one place has been a game-changer.