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“The platform has really delivered on real-time financial advice. I’ve asked some pretty specific questions, and the team has responded pretty quickly with good advice and resources.”

When it comes to my finances, I’ve used various solutions over the years. I’ve had consultative relationships with financial planners, tax advisors and have always had to piece services together à-la-carte.
It got to a point where I felt like none of the advisors were really connected to my whole financial picture.

I was looking for something that would allow me to take more ownership of my investing strategy. Something that would allow me to centralize the advice I was getting without having to pick up the phone and call six different people before making a decision.

I had read about Range and figured it was worth giving it a shot. I’ve worked a lot in digital operations in my career, so I was interested in a tech solution to the financial planning issue. There are a lot of products out there—and while the tech is still being developed, the response time and quality of the advice at Range has been really helpful. I’ve asked some pretty specific questions and I generally get a quality response within 12-24 hours.

Also, the fact that this is a household wealth management platform means my wife and I have both been more aware of our entire financial picture. We can see what the family is spending and stay on top of budgets—including seeing what our kids are spending at college.

Now if only they would offer small business services…