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Dan K


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“Having all of my financials in one platform—especially my portfolio and tax planning—makes everything more convenient.”

In the past I had been working with a traditional financial advisor, which had been going pretty well. But I felt like I wasn’t always getting guidance on some of the more complex aspects of my finances - real estate investments, tax, etc.

So I began looking at alternative options for managing my wealth. My main ask was to understand how all my investments and holdings should be structured, and to get real-time advice on how different options would affect my future outlook. Everything I do now is working towards ensuring my kids have a sound financial future, so I want to be buttoned up.

After finding Range, I was interested in the all-in-one service, and the fact that they had a team of advisors working on my plans, rather than just one advisor. I’m pretty plugged in to my finances, so the suite of DIY tools is really helpful.

Being able to bounce investment opportunities, trade-offs and strategies off of the team at Range has been refreshing. I was also able to work with the team to simplify my portfolio. I don’t want to think about the market, I want that to be on auto-pilot, so I can focus on my real estate business and other investments.

I’m excited to be using the Range platform. The team is super responsive, and has helped me evaluate different plans moving forward. They’re also open to my feedback and suggestions, so I feel confident the platform will continue to grow and evolve for Members.