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Make your money work smarter, together.

Range simplifies personal wealth management.

  • Separate log-ins, easy collaboration.
  • Add emergency contacts for peace of mind.
  • Visualize and project future financial outcomes.
  • One hub for tracking all investments.
  • Monitor and optimize cash flow in one place.
  • Engage with a Certified Financial Planner on a joint roadmap.

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Your household connected.

One place for all your finances.

It’s the best way to view everything together, while keeping your money structure as is. Automatically calculate your household net worth and project future cash flow.

    Tracking everything manually in a spreadsheet can be a pain. With Range you only have to set it up once and it’s automatically updated—no gimmicks, ads, hidden fees or middlemen.

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    Share your financial info in an emergency.

    A little planning today can save your loved ones time and money in the future.

    Enable specific people to access a list of your accounts, private stock options, crypto, and assets.

    Chances are, if you were to face disability or death, it could take months or even years for your loved ones to figure out all the accounts you have.

    By appointing them as an emergency contact, they will be able to know your accounts instantly and follow any instructions you’ve left them.

    This is not a will—it’s more like bread crumbs that they can follow.

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    Complete confidence with professional guidance.

    Your household has unlimited access to our financial planning team to ask any questions you have about your money. Engage with one of our Certified Financial Planners to get personalized plans and achieve your goals.

    All of our planners are certified and bound by fiduciary standards to give you unbiased advice.

    Get on-demand financial answers, analysis and plans to reach your goals. Let’s plan together.

    Answers on demand, long-term support.