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Tax Plan & Filing
From planning to filing — Range can do it all. All members get expert tax planning to harvest losses and avoid overpaying. And with our add-on service, we’ll file for you, too.
$240/month value*
Range planners review your Will and Estate documents and propose changes. Then, we work with your estate attorney, or, as an add-on service, we’ll handle drafting all the Estate Plan documents for you.
$50/month value*
Our planners work for your wealth today and in the future. They’ll create a retirement plan for your unique lifestyle, savings, and vision.
$250/month value*
Is your insurance coverage right for you? Our planners will make sure you have the right combination of coverage to protect yourself and your assets.
$334/month value*
Education Planning
Our planners can help you quickly and easily set up a plan for your children, grandchildren, or the next generation in your life.
$22/month value*
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Things change, and Range’s platform is built for that. We offer options and advice —not mandates. Modify your plan anytime.

Quarterly meetings are scheduled, but you don’t need to wait to talk to us. Message your planners anytime with questions.

Collaborate across your household

Range helps you capitalize on the best ideas in personal finance. Our Certified Financial Planners work with you to provide curated plans for your household goals.

Financial Plan

Personalized recommendations

Net worth tracking & analysis

Monthly cash flow statements

Collaborate with your partner

Retirement Plan

Full retirement projections

Tax strategy at retirement

Income & expense planning

Monte Carlo simulations

Investment Plan

Full portfolio analysis

Tailored management strategy

Best in class research and tools

Automatic quarterly review

Insurance Plan

On-going analysis

Existing policy evaluation

Convenient policy marketplace

New policy recommendations

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Your privacy is our priority. We'll never sell your data.

Industry-Leading Investors

The investors backing us are industry-leading venture capital firms and individual tech veterans who offer guidance based on their past successes.

Trusted Partners

We integrate with industry-leading partners like Plaid, MX, and Array to communicate with financial institutions. 

Read-only Access

Our financial partners (from above), provide read-only access to Range, so we never transact in your actual accounts except when you explicitly hire us to manage your investments.

Data Encryption

Your data is encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit encryption protocol. 

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*Investments - This number is based on the fees of traditional wealth advisors, charging $400/hour for four 1.5-hour-long calls annually and 1% AUM fee on a $200,000 investment account. Source:
*Tax Plan & Filing - This number is based on a CPA with a rate of $120/hour dedicating 3 working days to advise and complete one tax return. Source:
*Estate - This number is based on the initial cost of setting up a trust-based estate plan for a single person. Source:
*Retirement - This number is based on four 1.5-hour-long annual calls with a financial planner charging $500 hourly. Source:
*Insurance - Based on a one-time, industry-standard, 100% commission on a $4 million life insurance policy — the recommended coverage for a 35-year-old earning $200,000 annually with a $500,000 mortgage. Source:,
*Education Planning - This number is based on an industry average expense ratio of 0.53%, and an account of $50,000. Source:

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